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iFLY Dubai

A dream that defines human endeavour. Well, dream no more! iFLY Dubai is an indoor skydiving ex-perience that makes controlled human flight a reality.

Our regular iFLY-ers describe the experience to, “Bungee jumping, skydiving and even base jumping”. Flying at iFly Dubai takes you up to four meters in the air with an instructor guiding you through your sessions. The air conditioned tunnel keeps you cool while you “fall” for a longer time than any natural descent like bungee jumping and sky diving.

Head indoors and soar

If you’re looking for an attraction virtually guaranteed to blow you away, you’ll want to head to iFly Dubai. Located at City Centre Mirdif, it’s the first 10-metre double vertical glass wind tunnel attached to a shopping mall and one of the first indoor skydiving centres ever to open in the region.

Once fully suited up with a wind-suit and eye protection, you’ll enter the tunnel and fall forwards into the wind gust generated from beneath you.

Under the tutelage of an expert instructor inside the tunnel with you at all times, the chance to experience the sensation of freefall literally lies before you.

Depending on your level of comfort and personal aptitude, your instructor may offer you the chance to do some spins or flips, which makes for great photos. Make sure you look at the camera to capture your experience.

Hang around (not literally) outside the tunnel to catch some mind-boggling demonstrations by these experts, who will show off their array of amazing skills by literally walking up and down the walls of the tunnel. They may also plummet head-first before arresting their own fall with a simple motion.

This bold adventure isn’t just for daredevils — it’s safe for all, with flyers as young as three years old. It’s certain to leave you breathless.


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