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world’s largest picture frame in Dubai


A new addition to Dubai’s already impressive skyline, the Dubai Frame is a mammoth achievement of engineering. The zabeel park based Dubai Frame, which opened January 2018, features high on the must-see list for locals, residents and visitors alike. Discover what makes the structure so spectacular.

Step onto a glass bridge

A first for the region, the Dubai Frame features a state-of-the-art clear glass bridge as the crowning cross-frame of the structure. Connecting the two parallel vertical towers to create the picture frame shape, the 93 metre-long bridge features a 25sqm glass panel. Stepping onto the crystal-clear glass gives the exhilarating feeling of walking out into thin air, with a drop of 150m visible just beneath your feet. Feeling nervous? There’s nothing to fear as the clear glass is completely crack-proof and made of the highest-quality materials.

An immersive experience

The experience is enhanced by the Dubai Frame’s own immersive gallery on the mezzanine level, which leads guests through projections, audio and visual presentations, and even curated scents and mists for an authentic retelling of the city’s origins. A ‘Virtual Metropolis’ will then guide guests through a ‘vortex tunnel’ stimulation, before revealing a virtual reality display of Dubai’s continued evolution, and experts’ predictions of the city’s future growth.


The Dubai Frame is created out of glass, steel, aluminum, and reinforced concrete. It is positioned in such a way that representative landmarks of modern Dubai can be seen on one side, while from the other side, visitors can also view older parts of the city. The Frame opened in January 2018.

Measuring 150 metres high, the Dh160-million structure will connect the past with the present through a 93-metre bridge at the top that will give visitors a 360-degree view of Dubai. A one-minute elevator ride at the left tower will take them to the glass bridge through which they will see tall skyscrapers of Sheikh Zayed Road, the Burj Khalifa and the Emirates Towers that symbolise the modern part of Dubai on the South. Turning around to the north, the landmark areas of Deira, Umm Hurair, Bur Dubai and Karama will convey the old part of Dubai.

The experience

Visitors’ journey starts at the mezzanine level, where they enter into an immersive experience representing the Past history of the city. Projections, mist effects, smells and motion creates the immersive mood setting of the space.
The Past Dubai Gallery tells the story of the evolution of the city and its past, showing the old city using modern means of presentation that contributes to the creation of a favourable environment that suits the comprehensive boom of Dubai.
After a one-minute elevator ride, visitors are directed to the second experience on the Sky Deck level at the horizontal glass bridge that represents the Present of Dubai. Visitors will be experiencing uninterrupted views of Dubai from all sides, Old Dubai to the north and New Dubai to the south by interactive applications such as augmented reality activated screens. Modern technologies are used to represent different aspects of the present Dubai, such as architecture, economy and infrastructure.
The next experience is on the other side of the mezzanine level, where the visitor can see the Future Dubai Gallery. The concept of this gallery is to depict Dubai 50 years from now into the future by creating a virtual metropolis through interactive projections and virtual reality technology. The visitors will exit the elevator onto the mezzanine floor to pass through a vortex tunnel with special lights and sound effects. The idea is to create an illusion of time travel through a warp vortex and arriving into the city 50 years ahead.
An immersive ‘Virtual Metropolis’ experience is created on the walls by means of interactive projections, light and sound to create the city of the future. The scenes would depict the city’s evolution after 50 years, new projects, how people would travel, live etc.

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