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Visit Aquaventure, the largest of several waterparks in Dubai and home to some iconic record-breaking rides and attractions.

You can dive into old favourites like the Leap of Faith, a 27.5-metre plunge that carries you through a clear tube surrounded by sharks and rays or try some of the many adrenaline-pumping activities such as ziplining across the park.

This enormous theme park also features marine activities, private beaches and children’s play areas for all ages. It’s adjacent to Atlantis The Palm, so you can get the most out of your holiday in Dubai.

Although children need to be taller than 1.2 metres to enjoy many of the parks slides, little ones will delight in the Splashers Children’s Play Area – a maze of kid-friendly tunnels, tubes, slides and climbing frames.

With plenty of activities to suit all ages, guests can also safely swim with sharks or hand-feed friendly Cownose stingrays. Take the excitement factor even higher with plenty of cool waterslides.


There are lots of exciting activities that make Atlantis beach resort the epicentre of adventure and the greatest holiday experience ever.From the world’s largest circumference water ride to the longest zip line circuit in the Middle East, Aquaventure Waterpark has always had the monopoly of cool ideas and innovative experiences when it comes to pumping up the fun factor in its massive 17-hectare water playground.

The waterpark can overwhelm you with an array of unique, not-to-be-missed waterslides and extraordinary rides with cascades, tidal waves and rapids. And since the waiting lines to the rides can be long during the half-term, you need some good planning to cover all the rides and attractions at the venue.

Situated on the apex of the Palm in Dubai, Aquaventure is composed of two main towers, The Tower of Poseidon and Tower of Neptune – the waterpark’s two main powerhouses of adventure and unlimited fun (named after The Roman and Greek gods of water). The towers are connected by many river rides that are run across the circumference of the waterpark.

The Tower of Neptune houses the heart-racing ‘The Leap of Faith’, a ride that is tried by nearly 600,000 guests every single year. The adrenaline-pumping ride plummets you through a nine-story-tall mega slide in a near-vertical fashion in five seconds, into a clear Perspex tunnel that has Cownose rays and sharks swimming around it. If the thought of sharks swimming alongside you thrills you then, Shark Attack is for just right for you. The fun ride is suitable for both kids and adults, and will send you sliding down an inner-tube ride only to land in a lagoon filled with sharks! The popular Water coaster ride takes you through a combination of unexpected drops and lifts straight down a maze of dark tunnels that opens into the lazy river.

In the Tower of Poseidon, there are 4 main rides you will thoroughly enjoy: Poseidon’s Revenge (a counterpart of the Tower of Neptune’s The Leap of Faith) will have your heart throbbing and stomach swirling as you take a thrilling plunge down through the centre of the tower huddled in a capsule at a rate of 60 kmp before you are hurtled upside down to the finish; Slitherine, an incredible racing water slide, is the world’s first ever twin-racing tube rides where you can race your friend side by side; Aquaconda is the world’s largest water slide tube at 9.2m wide up to 6 riders to ride in at once on a circular rubber ring slide; and Zoomerango is the world’s largest circumference water ride and tests the limits of gravity and physics as it whisks you across its curved walls in sudden bursts of weightlessness while splashing and sliding through its near vertical zooms back-to-back.

Aquaventure is the only waterpark in the Middle East that has 700 meters of white sand beach that every single one of its guests is entitled to throughout their delightful time at the resort. The waterpark also offers a different kind of thrill with several Marine Animal Experiences including; Shark Safari, a magnificent walk underwater in shark-infested Lagoon; Dolphin Experience, an up-close and interactive session with dolphins; and Cownose Ray Feeding, which involves feeding and interacting with the hungry Rays.

Another notable feature of the waterpark is the network of river rides that propel riders through the waterways circumnavigating its tropical waterscape. The Rapids is the longest waterpark river in the Middle East and the 1.6km river ride stimulates the environment of a raging river expedition, with high-intensity rapids, wave surges and waterfalls. The Torrent is another river ride that creates tidal surges of up to one metre to propel you along the river.

The waterpark has won a swag of prominent awards in the last decade since its launch, including ‘Best Attraction Bronze Award’ at Virgin Holidays Annual Partner Awards 2017, Leading Waterpark in Middle East at World Travel Awards 2017, Best Waterpark in Dubai and The Middle East and Fourth Best in the World at Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Award 2017.

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